by Child Sleep

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(free) 03:57


released September 29, 2013

Mary Fraser | vocals, guitar, bass, drums
Eleanor Schmitt | vocals, guitar, keys

"Control" - Elise Butler-Pinkham | cello

"Fool" - Barbara Zmich | viola

Recorded by Child Sleep
Mixed by Eleanor Schmitt
Mastered by Rishi Daftuar

Album artwork by Jim Cherewick

Thanks to—Barbara Zmich and Elise Butler-Pinkham for their beautiful strings, Dave Menzo and Scott Kendall for helping us bring the songs to stage, Jim Cherewick for his artwork, Graham Rockwood for Digi 002 supply, Zachariah Harris and Benjamin Miller for providing recording space, Rishi Daftuar for mastering, and deep gratitude for our friends and family.



all rights reserved


Child Sleep Ypsilanti, Michigan

child sleep is
Mary Fraser
Eleanor Daftuar
Scott Kendall
Dave Menzo

3/3 Hamtramck Music Fest - 12 am @ P.L.A.V. Post #10

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Track Name: Walk on by
You don't think at all.
You just want it all,
But you can't have me too.
You'll just have to choose.

Just walk on by
And pretend you don't even know me.
Can't look me in the eye
When I try to say hello?

I don't think you know
Just how to say, "No."
But the truth is, I love the attention,
Even though it was false affection.
Track Name: Baby Bird
Baby bird on the concrete--
Glassy eyed with twisted feet.
Twin flies crawl on your beak.
What's the matter? Can't you speak?

Lesser than the other girls--
Awkward waves, instead of curls.
'Wanna run, 'wanna hide.
None of you are on my side.

Is she dead?
I don't know.
Track Name: Monster
I let you take the best of me--
A side that no one sees,
Only to find that you are a thief.
How could I have been so wrong?

There's a monster in my bed,
But not where you'd think.
And when he's absent from my sheets,
He haunts me in my sleep.

I wish I could get to sleep alright,
But there's ghosts in my mind.

Closer and closer he gets,
My body aches.
Each tremble, I dread...
Every quiver, every quake.
Track Name: Secret Coward
The only one interested in me
Doesn't even want to be with me.
The moment I'm close, she sprints off like a deer.

Secret coward...

If I'm still I can still smell her on me,
And it's nauseating 'cause she's such a beauty.
The moment I'm close, she springs off like a deer.

Secret coward...

Or is it a fault of mine
That I've wasted my own time?
Track Name: Control
Out of my control
You struggled.
I gave all my love,
But you lost hope.

I gave it all,
And you took some--
But it wasn't enough,
And you called my bluff.
Track Name: Fool
I won't be sore if you come to my door,
But you keep me at bay
And I cannot keep away
With all the words you say to me.

I won't be kind if you press rewind
With all the words you say.
And I cannot keep away,
But you keep me at bay.

Untrue, it seems...
I've been a fool.
I give away
My love too soon.

You won't get close.
So what's the use?
But I cannot keep away
With all the words you say.
Why do you keep me at bay?
Track Name: Counting
Everyday, I was counting
All the ways to love you...
And everyday, you were counting
Only doubts.

Just like a tiger in my bed
Or a bullet in my head,
It was over quickly.

Just cut it out.
Won't you rip it out of me?
And when you do,
I won't even bleed.

Just look inside.
Don't run and hide,
And tell me just what do you see.

Just like a tiger in my bed
Or a bullet in my head,
It was over quickly.

And when I feel it in my side
In the middle of the night,
I won't be the same,
I'm falling forward.
Don't you come for me.
Track Name: Never Mine
Hours of yelling and arguments,
This titan goddess put you to sleep.
You came to me the next day
With a gift of tiger lily and crocus.

But you were never mine.
No, you were never mine.
We were under her moon,
And you will never leave her.

Your words feel different from each other--
Yours a fog and hers, they burn.
I give no tears but concern,
Which you take greedily in return.

But you were never mine.
No, you were never mine.
We were under her moon,
And you will never leave her.

"I pegged you for an intelligent girl
With self-respect, but I was wrong."
She says to me, thinks me a child.
I could say I don't care, but then I'm the heartless thief.
Track Name: Know You
I'm trying so hard to know you
And not let you just disappear,
But all of the hurt and pain remain
Because the love is still there.